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  • MinnowMorsels

    SKU: 0004

    The Minnow Morsel is a streamline articulated fly using a Dropjaw fly baby whitey head. These flys are weighted in the front with a large tungsten scud weight and an upturned tail hook to keep the minnow swimming upright and the hook out of the snags. If you want a medium streamer to fool that picky trophy fish, these will do the trick. Swims well in still or moving waters, even swinging through the current. custom striping, or color markings are done upon request. These heads from DropJaw flies are all hand painted and hand crafted, made with supreme detail. You won't regret loading your flybox with a few of these secret weapons.


      Medium fly measuring in at around 3-4 inches and weighing approximatly 1/8oz. We use top end materials on these flys, custom handmade and painted heads, 3d glass beads, Ahrex or Gamakatsu hooks, and strong articulation wire cemented in place for multiple fish hookups and landings.

    $22.00 Regular Price
    $20.00Sale Price
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