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DJF Deciever Variant
  • DJF Deciever Variant

    SKU: 0003

    The DJF Deciever Variant is a super lightweight fly topped off with a baby whitey head from our friends over at Dropjaw Flies. This light colored pattern is flowy and can be swam slowly for those stubborn fish, or strip it fast for the aggresive strike. With it's lightweight, it will sink slowly making it a good choice for fishing in heavily mossy stillwaters. Props to Lefty for creating the deceiver, its been a great producer for many years. 


      These will vary from fly to fly, the color option is a base color, the option of adding some detail coloring can be requested and since this is all done custom by hand it will vary. These flys average 3-4 inches long, and are around 1/8 oz.

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