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Weedless Froggy Spring Action
  • Weedless Frog Popper

    SKU: 0007

    Ready for that topwater frog action!!! Well how about a weedless version of the double barrel popper frog? Toss it in the thick stuff and wait to see what explodes from beneath!! Uses a medium flymenfishingco. double barrel popper head on a 2/0 wide gap Texas style hook with Cohens creature frog legs. The weedless froggy has some good spring action. Gets out of the way on the bite, but stays in place to help keep the weed snaggin’ to a minimum. Custom paint job on each frog. Filler flash color may vary. 


      Topwater frog popper tied using a Texas style wide gap hook,

      medium or large flymenfishco. doublebarrel popper head,

      cohens frog legs

      Custom spring action keeps it weedless, but moves out of hook point on the bite!!!

    Frog Color
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